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Whole Foods to Open in 5 Weeks, New Center Dazzles

The Whole Foods Market and the new shopping center called The Park At Cross Creek will open in the second week of June. And members of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce were given a first glimpse of the new shopping center last night. Shopping center is perhaps the wrong term for what will likely usurp all the other retail areas in Malibu … and become the center of the city. There are three parks … including a playground designed for kids in wheel chairs or with other mobility challenges. A pizza restaurant … ice cream shop and healthy restaurant will have take out windows on a deck overlooking the park.

Owner Steve Soboroff was gracious in welcoming former opponents of the retail development to his new center:

“I always thought it was the vision … but the reality is better than the vision … it’s cool.
“We’re proud of it.
“This is really Malibu. There’s nothing about this that is downtown, uptown, anything like that, this is Malibu
“You see the tenants are people’s neighbors, the parks are the peoples Parks, Whole Foods is going to be the peoples’ market, you can see the people working there, and it’s just exciting.
“I think people are going to enjoy it and just have a terrific experience here.”

Even a critic can only be impressed by the vertical landscaping and trees. The vertical landscaping has to be seen to be believed … there are gardens growing up the side of walls. The new community center will change the civic fabric of Malibu.

Again, Steve Soboroff:

“This is the urban part of Malibu, but this shopping center is a country shopping Center.
“There’s a lot of landscaping and trees and parks  and playgrounds and porches and rocking chairs and horse hitching posts and everything else.
“I think it’s going to fit right in.
“I think it’s going to fit just right in.”

The Whole Foods Market and The Park At Cross Creek will have a soft opening  in early June … with the opening of Malibu’s newest grocery store. Not all of the other stores will be open then … but the center is now 93 percent leased.

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